Welcome to the Young Israel of Century City Daf Yomi site. The site includes podcasts covering every page in Shas (The Babylonian Talmud) along with helpful outlines guiding your study. The podcasts are comprehensive while being short (average time about 20 minutes) and focus on understanding the words of the text, the concepts underlying the legal matter under discussion and the methodology of Talmudic reasoning.

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MG 09 Megilah 10b-11a Size: 5.29MB
MG 08 Megilah 9b-10b Size: 3.14MB
MG 07 Megilah 8b-9b Size: 6.10MB
MG 06 Megilah 7b-8b Size: 8.00MB
MG 24 Megilah 30b-32a SIYYUM Size: 6.74MB
MG 05 Megilah 6b-7b Size: 7.01MB
MG 23 Megilah 29a-30b Size: 6.88MB
MG 04 Megilah 5a-6b Size: 8.22MB
MG 22 Megilah 28a-29a Size: 5.43MB
MG 19 Megilah 24a-25b Size: 8.34MB
MG 16 Megilah 20a-21a Size: 4.93MB
MG 03 Megilah 4a-5a Size: 4.19MB
MG 21 Megilah 27a-28a Size: 7.02MB
MG 18 Megilah 22b-24a Size: 5.76MB
MG 15 Megilah 19a-20a Size: 5.38MB
MG 02 Megilah 3a-4a Size: 6.89MB
MG 20 Megilah 25b-27a Size: 5.30MB
MG 17 Megilah 21a-22b Size: 8.27MB
MG 14 Megilah 17a-19a Size: 9.28MB
MG 01 Megilah 2a-3a Size: 12.67MB
MG 13 Megilah 16a-17a Size: 7.02MB
MG 12 Megilah 14b-16a Size: 8.09MB
MG 11 Megilah 13a-14b Size: 9.02MB
MG 10 Megilah 11a-13a Size: 9.39MB
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